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Stop Learning a Language, Start Speaking and Living it.

Here at Native Planeta you will find something new to learn every day.  We remind you the importance of investing in yourself, and investing in your future. Learn through simple interactions, building on your current knowledge.  Focus on discipline, personal development, and confidence.

Together we will:
– Focus on your needs
– Set 30 to 90 Day Goals
– Meet Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
– Provide you with learning material
– Track your progress with our Technology

A Message From Our Founder

Native Planeta’s Teaching & Learning methodology is: simple, fun, and effective. 

Our Mission is to help you say what you want, with confidence.

Our lesson plans for all students

Beginner to Advanced – Parents to Business Pros. Even those – learning “Business English.” First off, let’s make sure you understand all the tenses, Past, Present, and Future. Each class is personalized to each student by our qualified and trained teachers. We’re young, fun, smart & cool team of teachers, try a free class with us!

We teach Discipline

What is discipline? Doing something you like that is going to make you better at least 30 Minutes every day.  After 365 days you learned for 168+ hours. 

What can you do with 30 minutes?

Speaking shouldnt be scary

Our Focus:
Clear, Comfortable, Confidence


Interactive Community

A place where you can come everyday and learn something new, a platform that is gonna help you reach your goals whether that is improving your language and communications skills.


Time Management

We show you how to teach yourself. We simply interact and show you how to build on your current knowledge. We focus on discipline, personal development, and creating awareness.


Skill Development

Learn how to stand out in your interviews. Know what to say when the Zoom camera turns on… and there’s an awkward silence. Also Low stress environment frees students from the fear of failure.

Features & Benefits



To be, or not to be, that is the question...

Happy Faces of Happy Students

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