What is Learning? Learn (Verb) – To gain or acquire knowledge of/or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

For example: I learned something new, and it made me feel good.

1. Your brain needs to be stimulated.

Stimulation or a stimulus affects your brain by making your brain react in the Parietal Lobe.
Usually, you and your brain can be stimulated with your senses – humans have five basic senses:
touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.
Being mentally active, is being healthy mentally, critical thinking is great! Re-wiring your brain is almost a super power. Watch you and your friends be surprised when you remember something without ‘googling’ it.
For example: Play Chess, play cards, do crossword puzzles, or find a challenge that works for you!

2. Physical Activity in your day-to-day life.
Your brain is NOT necessarily considered a muscle, however, it NEEDS blood in order to properly activate your body.

The following 2 activities are recommended by health professionals:
ONLY 150 minutes a week of “moderate aerobic activity” – casual walking
ONLY 75 minutes of “vigorous aerobic activity” – slight jogging
Maybe we can meet in the middle?
How about a hard “power walk”?

3. Socialize Regularly

Humans are social beings. Actually, if you go 3 months without talking to friends, or checking your FB or IG newsfeed, you might go a little crazy. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Even the people on IG go crazy from checking their newsfeed too much. Talk to friends, loved ones, family, challenge the by asking interesting questions, try to “think outside the box” and have an interesting conversation with no right or wrong answer.

4. Get Organized

Clean your room, and organize your thoughts. Humans likely leave evidence behind of how they feel. They walk with their head down, hands in their pockets, maybe they forgot to shower.
NO. Make your bed EVERY morning. Snowball effect, when you start 1 thing, before you know it you’re brushing your teeth. Need to go grocery shopping? Cool, save money, cook something healthier than your local delivery.
Write down your ideas, stay organized, have a time limit, don’t work overtime. Your brain needs rest.

5. Take Care of You and Your Self

You need to sleep well and eat right, almost every single meal you eat, every day of the year. It’s fine to eat a cheat meal, but remember nutrition is very important in how you live your life.

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