Online learning has given students to have the power to choose how they learn: where they learn from, what they learn, and when they want to learn today.

1. Save time and energy

The freedom to connect to the internet from your phone, with or without cameras proves the convenience of technology. When you use technology, for example, when you or your teacher don’t know something, google can help find accurate information in seconds. Are you a visual learner? Look up google images with your own fingers!

2. Frequent assessments leads to more productivity

Daily “homework” and weekly assessments with the help prepared learning material, let’s the student know what & when to expect in the future.

3. Choose your teacher, professor, or expert

Finding a course online has never been easier; universities around the world are adapting to the online trend and allowing their teachers to conduct classes online. If you’re not teaching online, you’re late to the game.

4. More Teacher : Student Interaction

Focus. Focusing in 1:1 or 1:4 teacher to student ratio means you have to concentrate, and work a little bit harder BUT at your own pace. Private lessons, or smaller classes let’s teachers adapt the information you want or need to learn

5. Learn from home

Saving time and being comfortable at your home-office, kitchen, or even bed allows for the ultimate level of comfort. Save time each day by connecting online in less than 1 minute, instead of spending 1 hour commuting to and from your local school.

6. Self – Discipline, Accountability & Time Management

This is called professional development. A student should connect online daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly knowing that each day they should prepare for the next teacher interaction. Studying 30 minutes per day, is 163 hours per year.

Yesterday, you said tomorrow, start learning with Native Planeta today.