The 19th Century Roaring 20s was a decade of economic growth and widespread prosperity.  

The 20th Century Roaring 20s is a decade of Tech-growth and widespread OPPORTUNITY + Prosperity.

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Covid has taught us that if you have access to the internet you have everything.  The more time you spend wasting time, the less likely you will want to invest in yourself.  All I remind you is 30minutes everyday.

You have an opportunity to DO ‘classic business’ like:buying something at one price and selling it at a higher price.
You have an opportunity to TRADE skills for money. Like:I’ll teach or practice something, you continue learning or working out with me as your personal trainer… exchanging service for money.  

Most Importantly, you have an opportunity to LEARN.  Learning is so easy because you can google everything.  Learning for yourself is crucial, apply your skills + hobbies and sell something to your friends, then family, then their friends. 

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Last thing, LEARN from OTHER people’s mistakes. Don’t keep making the same mistake.  Business is solving a problem, making something easier.  And when you become good at what you like doing, and the rest will come easy.

Learning how to do business right now is too easy. Learn how to create content and sell that. We provide courses to help you grow a career. Opportunities come when you just go.  Invest in yourself this decade, the rest of the century will be awesome. You’ll have access to Teslas2.0 #Elon

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Ciao. Good luck.