English Activities and Learning Material

Conversation starters

What would you talk about on Ted Talk?

Festivals and Special Days in Your Country

What is important in your life?

Something that should be made illegal?

Someone you admire

Your favorite book or film?

Your favorite place in the world

Sacrifices you have made?

Things that scare you

Climate change

Your hometown

Your country

Your friends

Your hobbies and interests

Your Perfect day

Your most embaressing moment


New technology

3 things you should do before you turn 30

What’s going on in the news


A funny story

Your Family



Your future

Your favourite app

The nicest thing anyone has ever done for you

A scary story

If you ruled your country

Something you feel strongly about

Young people today

Something new you learned recently

Life without a smart phone

An interesting fact

Your favorite teacher

Tips for how to improve your English

Your favorite subject in school 

Something you are good at

Something you are bad at

If you won the lottery

Iff you could go back in time, when and where?

If you could go anywhere right now


Ghosts and supernatural beings

Someone you miss



What is important in your life?

Your friends

3 things you did last week

3 things you will do this (next) week

The best experience of your life

How to cook your favorite dish

Favorite ingredients to cook with?

Your country

The most beautiful place you have visited?

Your hobbies 

Your interests

Last holiday you went on?

Love & Marriage

A famous person you like

Something you are bad at?

Something you are good at?


Future plans?

Where you want to live?

The weather

Travel & Transport

One of your siblings or cousins

New technology

If I won the lotto, I would…

Your personality

The nicest person you know

Music in your life?

Your favorite food / restaurant?

How has music changed?

What you look like?

Learning English

Your job or studies?

Your favorite teacher?

Your smartphone

Favorite subjects in school

Favorite TV series

How to be healthy?

Your house or apartment

Your last birthday?

Learning another language?

Favorite animals?

Things that worry you?

The best experience of your life



Should education be free?