The past few months have undoubtedly been challenging for everyone. We’ve had to adapt to a new reality, a new way of living our everyday life, we’ve had to rethink our jobs, our hobbies and we’ve sacrificed many things we previously took for granted. However, there can be a silver lining, like a phoenix raising from the ashes, we can take difficulty and turn it into an opportunity?


An opportunity to do what – you may ask? Well, let’s take advantage of how easy it is nowadays to create connections on the internet, to build new bonds and networks, and to experience things virtually, because it’s our new reality, it’s the future! And finally because we have come to the realization that there are too many people in this world that would love to learn, but way too few teachers.

Who are we?

Here at NativePlaneta, we are a group of young and driven people who were inspired to find the beauty in adversity. We wanted to build a team of passionate and motivated people like us, and create an educational platform that would offer amazing quality services in a fun and innovative fashion.

What do we do?

We teach online language classes and have a wonderful team of native speakers. At this point you might be thinking – well, what is so special about that? And honestly, you would be right. We don’t just offer language classes by teaching you about the grammar and syntax of a language. We build a personalized curriculum just for YOU based on your interests, your strengths and your goals.

But we are not stopping there. A language is more that a compilation of words and rules, it’s a country’s history, culture and traditions. That is why we also offer educational programs that allow you to have a true, genuine and interactive experience of a country, its culture, its cuisine and so much more.

In addition to that, we will not be using the good old “classroom lecture” set-up. We will teach you what you want thanks to creative activities. Picture this: you are passionate about art, you are a creative person and like to express yourself through drawings and paintings and manual activities… We will teach you a language while doing just that! How amazing would it be to create a piece of art with your own hands while at the same time learning how to talk about everything that you are doing in a new language.

You love to cook and you can travel through your tastebuds… we have just the thing for you! We will teach you how to cook delicious traditional dishes and you will get to learn how to say all the ingredients you are using as well as the history behind that dish.

Since the sky is the limit, we will be implementing new programs based on your interests and personal passions.

Why should you choose us?

If we have not convinced you yet, we will give you a few more reasons.

You like the idea of our classes, but want to meet even more poeple around the world?
We provide group lessons / interactive classes like painting art as well!
We use a 1:5 Teacher to Student Ratio.

adventure backlit dawn dusk

You already know a language, but you need to perfect it?
We offer intermediate and advanced classes, but also specific classes where we can enhance your communication skills and teach you about the terminology of a specific work field.

You are concerned you might get bored of learning with the same teacher after a while?
After 8 -16 lessons you will be switching teachers, so you will get to experience the same methodology but in a new way!

When can you start?

You can start at any moment you please – but seriously – why wait any longer?
Start now, on this wonderful adventure, it very well could be the ride of a lifetime, we promise.