Would you be able to speak about life, family, friends, work, hobbies, or food?

Sure, anyone can.

Now imagine doing it in a foreign language. Why not? Too lazy?

English is the business language of the world, but if you type in Google  – Google translate and send a message from there…. yikes.

Speaking and Google translating are different, that’s why I created 2+ parts to my free education platform:

An Interactive Online Community App called Native Planeta and 2 learning programs for 30/45/90 Days.

Focusing on:
-Vocabulary Building
-Grammar Structure
-Asking & Responding to questions

Oh ya, also a 30 day challenge E-Book with the 30 most commonly used verbs in English – in the present, past and future with examples.

Duolingo hit a record IPO this week as a Free education platform for the world and now they might have some competition on their hands with my little 1 man army 👀 😆

I hope they don’t mind, because competition for business is good, but not all businesses evolve in a great way. Duolingo is great, but it could be better.

The first thing I learned studying Italian was “la donna mangia la mela”

Why should we learn about a woman eating apples? What if we’re allergic. 😆