“Traveling opened my eyes.”

Sure, it’s really cliché to say that, but there’s a reason why it’s common with people who, “love to travel”. Traveling opens more than just your eyes, it opens the world to you.

Traveling teaches you so much.  Stepping outside your comfort zone, and learning to like being where you are.  Enjoying the moment.  Wherever the moment takes you, that’s where you go.  Ask yourself… have you ever traveled somewhere and something incredible happened?….

Pirineus, Catalunya

For example…

I decided to visit a city, “backpacking” or should I say “networking”? Anyway it was to meet somebody in an organization I wanted to work for, we didn’t get to meet, but got a job offer the next week 😛

I ran into a scientist studying soil composition and how forests are affected by climate change, who hunted squirrels for the people in his village.

Long story short, we had one thing in common.  Which was important, in creating a first impression and building trust.  We coincidentally worked in the education sector and had an appreciation for learning languages. 

I was fascinated as a “bilingual” at the time English / Polish speaker (practicing Spanish) I loved hearing people speak English especially in Europe.  It allowed me to learn how different countries teach their student’s based on their own language structure. 


Check out what my Spanish client said about learning English with his Spanish speaking Polish girlfriend 🙂 

“Por otro lado, me habías solicitado que te escribiera o te enviara un audio relativo a las facilidades que me proporciona a mí el inglés a la hora de entender otros idiomas, como en mi caso con el polaco.

Pues básicamente es eso, que cuando pido a mi mujer el significado de algunas palabras de su idioma nativo (polaco), es más sencillo para ambos cuando me lo explica usando el inglés, aún siendo ella bilingüe polaco-español y la facilidad que tendría para hacerlo en mi idioma nativo.

Como te expliqué, no se me ocurren las razones pero, quizás una de ellas sea que cuando estamos aprendiendo un tercer idioma es más fácil recurrir a los métodos clásicos de enseñanza que tuvimos de pequeño con el segundo idioma y puede que esto nos haga conectar directamente con el objetivo o la misión que es conocer el significado real y directo de una palabra (sin rodeos). Otra de las razones que se me ocurren, es la cantidad de significados que pueden existir para una misma palabra en español, y que quizás sea menor en inglés y por eso la relación directa que existe entre una palabra y su significado.”

Cadiz, España

Come on… with Google Earth and our webcames / phones we can travel today anywhere. It’s cool seeing where people live (not in a creepy way…)

I want to make Online Learning fun especially now when you can travel everyday.  This is the place where you can come everyday to learn something new. Your new alternative to your classic: “class with your professor”. Here you practice speaking, we will always be prepared for questions, and we’re developing a cool homework plan for you. If you want to speak English like natives do, and never be bored with grammar or learning by studying flashcards… you are in right hands (obviously).  Whether it’s teaching you English from “beginner” to preparing for an interview, we can work something out. We’ll set you up in 10 minutes, just send us email, tell us what language you want to start learning.

We are like family and we lift each other up by practicing languages together!

Profe Kuba