The alarm goes off. What do you do next?

Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, turn on your phone? OR

Turn on your phone – check notifications, IG / FB… and then see where your day takes you?

Re-wiring your brain and breaking bad habits is what Native Planeta is all about.

Optimizing your performance whether it is: in the classroom, at work, on the football field, or at your home office, we follow a simple – Time-Focus-Principle.

pareto principle

The Pareto Principle (Work Smarter, Not Harder)

The principle states that, 20% of your time makes up 80% of your results.

Vital Tasks – These are a few vital (IMPORTANT) tasks will determine your success.

20% Attention – Focus 20% of your TIME and ATTENTION (FOCUS) to get them done the correct way.

80% Outcome – Because of your focus, and importance to your life will generate 80% of your success.

Examples of the Pareto Principle

1) 20% of customers bring 80% of revenue
2) 80% of work is completed by 20% of the team
3) 80% of complaints come from 20% of customers
4) 20% of marketing efforts give 80% of ROI
5) 20% of content drives 80% of traffic