That Monday-Friday feeling, and that same routine, day by day, year by year…
The alarm rings, your eyes burst wide open – and you say, “OKAY. here we go again!” Maybe more or less enthusiastically, but it’s that same routine… again.

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You start the coffee process… wait for the coffee. Then it’s back to that routine.

Routines – rutinas, routine, rutyny, распорядки, routinen, rutiner, ρουτίνες

Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee. Here, coffee is a symbol for something that the purpose or reason for the coffee, doesn’t change, but the taste might be different. Every language knows what a routine is, they come from the same language tree and are nearly spelled the same way… they’re all dangerous. They keep you in your comfort zone. I want you to be comfortable outside your comfort zone.

I’ll explain to you 5 genuine steps for you to step out of your comfort zone, which is actually hurting you making you – uncomfortable.

1. Do something for at least 30 minutes every day
30 minutes every day is 168 hours or more during the year
Find what moves you.
For example:
– Walking, jogging, running
– Reading, journaling, blogging
– Reading, learning, teaching
– Watching Masterchef, looking up recipes, cooking

After nearly 200 hours of running, blogging, teaching, or cooking you’re going to keep getting better.
You should try to always be a better version of YOU than you were yesterday.

2. Accept yourself for who and how you are.
There are millions of versions of you, but what are you to you? Do you know what your flaws are? Do you get yelled at by your mom, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend to do something and to do it correctly? Well it’s time to start doing that correctly, no?

3. “Meditate” (or just chill and breath)
What is meditation? There are many forms, even meditative writing.
Meditating is cool. The best ideas come from doing nothing. Imagine filling your body with oxygen, trying not to think about anything, and then having a nice morning stretch. THAT is better than a coffee anyday. That’s natural energy.

4. Face your fears
It takes courage to stand up and comfort your fears. Your fears come from something likely in your childhood. It could be even from the stories you heard at the park from your friends or tales told by your grandparents.
The idea is, if you are afraid of sharks, go swim with sharks.
If you’re afraid of asking for directions, ask for something else first – like what time it is instead.
If you’re afraid of failure, you HAVE TO fail, otherwise you won’t take any risks.
Even if you fail, there’s an opportunity to succeed, if you learn from your failure.

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Not enough tips? Do you need to find the “light” or a positive message? I see opportunities and greatness in everyone.
I love motivated people. They give me life. Are you one of those people?

If so… I’d love to “Teach” or “Coach” you and help you become the best version of YOU.
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