Why is the American Dream DEAD? or a scam…

Becoming a professional in America is quite difficult. You’re a tiny fish in a giant pond with sharks and piranhas.

It starts a little bit like this…

You have to graduate high school to be considered for a job.

You have to graduate college to get any job.

If you dont get your masters degree, you won’t get a job.

Now what? Do I have to get a PHD to be even considered for a job?

Let me tell you why the American Dream is a SCAM.

Work, work, work – everyone knows that, that is the American mindset. Work so you can retire.

Did you know that you can start collecting your Social Security payments at age 62, no wait I mean 66?

Actually it’s 66 years and 10 months.


Now what is the life expectancy in America?

According to the CDC, the Life Expectancy in America is 78.8 years.


So you’re telling me that I’m gong to work starting at 16, because at the age of 16 I need to get a driving license. I obviously need a car to impress my friends or perhaps even get a girlfriend… or to travel in a country designed for business and transportation instead of its’ own people.

Once again, I work at 16 until I’m almost 68, and I die at the age of 78.

Paying taxes from 16 to 68, to receive what I paid in Income, Federal, Property+ tax for approximately 10 years?


Doesnt that sound like a nightmare? Rather than a dream?

In America your dreams, are your boss’ reality.

In America you work, so your boss get’s rich.

In America you’re supposed to climb the ladder, or the ranks, and there’s a lot of people trying to climb with you.

It’s a typical rat race.

I lived in Boca Raton, aka the rat’s mouth in Spanish.

A great place – to die. Why? sunshine, beaches, low taxes and let’s be real, South Florida is a great place to live – except for the Hurricane season and the crazy local #Floridaman.

Personal Experience

Why is it that with 2 Bachelor Degrees, 1 Master Degree, being able to speak 3 languages, wanting to learn more, I couldn’t join this rat race?

Why is that that I had to be a certified – lifeguard for nearly 10 years to get any sort of income?

It’s a bit ridiculous but this race taught me – work smarter not harder.

I sat on my ass, as a lifeguard, guarding the pools I worked at, occasionally saved a life, or at least prevented many drownings, but in my free – time I was thinking how else can I make money to survive?

Because NOTHING in America or in life is ever handed to you.

You are either hard working or somebody else is going to work harder and climb the ladder faster than you.

My recommendation is, do everything at 100% and do your best in whatever you do.

Don’t try, just do it.

Wherever you are, it doesn’t matter if It’s in America or not, the world is a beautiful place, and nothing is free.

You have to work a little bit or a lot of bit, but your work will be rewarded if you do your very best.

Let me know if I can help you build or develop something online.

Profe Kuba

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